Remote OnLine Notary Services

What is Remote On-line Notarization?

Remote On-line Notarization, or RON, is the notarization of a signature using a state approved platform that allows the Notary and the signer to appear before each other at the time of the notarization using audio-visual technology over the internet rather than meeting face-to-face in the same location. The State of Florida adopted Remote On-line Notarizations as of January 1, 2020.

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What is an approved platform?

Approved platforms are those that meet the state’s requirements for providing secure audio-visual technology as well as providing identification verification of each signer. Florida has approved platforms like SIGNiX and DocVerify.

Is CommuniMatics Mobile Notary Services a RON provider?

YES! CommuniMatics Mobile Notary Services has been approved by the State of Florida to provide Notary services using the SIGNiX platform.

What kind of technology will I need to have my documents notarized remotely?

For CommuniMatics Mobile Notary Services to notarize your document(s) remotely, you will need to have a  computer/laptop with a webcam and a Smart Mobile Device (smart phone or tablet) that can receive text messages and take and send pictures While you can use your smart device for the audio-visual meeting with the Notary, you are strongly encouraged to use your computer or laptop for the video meeting.

How is my identification verified for remote notarizations?

The State of Florida requires a two-step ID verification process

  1. Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) is used to confirm that you are who you say you are. You are asked a series of multiple-choice questions by a third-party provider, the answers for which can be found in public records. Questions can be like “what was the house number when you lived on a particular street” or “what financial institution holds the mortgage on your home” or “what color was the car you had in a specific year.”
  2. The credential verification step requires that the signer have a Smart Phone as they must take a picture of the front and back of their Driver License or State issued ID card or Passport and upload it to a provider site along with a selfie. The credential verification process compares the picture on the ID with the selfie and verifies the information in the bar code on the Driver License or ID card.

    Must the signer be in Florida?

    No. The signer can be in any country around the world. The signer MUST BE A U.S. CITIZEN, however, because the identification process requires that the signer have a valid US ID, a Social Security Number (SSN), and a credit history.

    Are there any restrictions as to what kinds of documents can be handled using RON?

    YES – Even though Florida allows Notaries to perform weddings, weddings cannot be performed remotely.

    How do I utilize RON services from CommuniMatics Mobile Notary Services?

    It’s very easy! First, call our office or email us to set up an appointment. Then, you’ll email the document(s) that you need to have notarized. If witnesses are required, you’ll need to arrange for them to be present at the scheduled time. It could take an hour for us to prepare your documents from the remote meeting. Once the documents are ready, you’ll receive notification so you can join the webcam call. Once you’re on the call, we’ll walk you through the rest of the steps.

  1. How much does it cost?
    In most instances, the cost for RON services are comparable to the cost for mobile services. While in-person meetings cost $10 per document notarized, we also charge a convenience fee to cover the cost of time and travel to your location. RON services cost $25 per document notarized plus a $25 document prep fee.

Remote Online Notarizations across State lines

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